More Patients Preferred and Were Satisfied with RADIESSE®

In clinical studies, RADIESSE patients were more satisfied with the results they received from treatments with RADIESSE versus leading fillers.2,4 In a head-to-head, 12-month study comparing RADIESSE to Restylane® Injectable Gel, 67% of patients preferred RADIESSE treatment.4

RADIESSE® vs Restylane®

Percent of Subjects Preferring the RADIESSE® Result4

RADIESSE® v. Restylane® Chart

60 patients were enrolled in a European randomized, split-face controlled study evaluating efficacy, safety, durability and volume. The treating physician could use the volume they determined necessary to achieve full correction. Preference was determined in a blinded manner.

Products shown may be indicated for different uses. Please see each individual product’s IFU for the approved use. Data shown reflect subjective assessments not clinical endpoints.

RADIESSE vs JUVÉDERM® & Perlane® Injectable Gels

In a separate clinical study, at the 12-month time point, 90% of RADIESSE patients were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their treatment, compared to the two other hyaluronic acid fillers. 2

Percent of Subjects Satisified and Extremely Satisified 2


205 Patients were randomized to receive RADIESSE or a HA for NLF treatment at baseline and month 4. Patients returned at 4, 8, 12 months for a second injection evaluation using the patient satisfaction measures. Data shown reflect subjective assessments not clinical endpoints.