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Ask the Expert

How Can I Keep Wrinkles From Giving Away My Age?


As we mature, wrinkles and folds naturally appear on our faces that can make us look older than we are. In this short video interview, dermatologist Cheryl M. Burgess, MD, explains why this process happens and offers solutions to help you lift your look and provide a more youthful-looking appearance with RADIESSE, a volumizing filler.


Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

Rejuvenate Your Closet With These Hot Tips for Spring

Forget Winter Blues. Let’s Talk Spring Hues and Shoes.

Aquamarine Dreams

It’s been named the official color of spring and it’s everywhere. From accessories to eye shadows, be sure to have a couple of powder-blue hues to accent your look. Try pairing a bright blue structured handbag or scarf with a neutral outfit for an ensemble that’s sure to pop.

Denim Is In

And it’s not just about jeans. This classic American fabric is going to be found in every garment from draped overalls to denim pumps. And start looking now for your favorite version of the timeless denim jacket—there’s lots of choices for the picking.

Take a Walk on the Softer Side

Flats and sneakers are back, combining chic and comfort. Major labels are to thank for finally taking this step in a practical direction. From feathered flats to sneakers with hidden wedges, keep this casual pairing in mind when seeking treasures for your spring wardrobe.

Crazy Over Carbs?

A Guilt-Free Guide to Smart Carbs

Despite their bad rap, carbohydrates are vital to your health for energy, disease prevention, and weight control. You just have to know what you’re eating, because not all carbs are created equal.

Keep the Carbs

Get Smart

Smart carbs are too valuable to veto. Besides offering a powerhouse of disease-fighting nutrients, they also have a rightful place in your diet. Smart carbs such as whole grains or vegetables enter the bloodstream as glucose more slowly than “empty” carb food items like granulated sugar or white bread. This means the body has an easier time extracting optimal benefits from the food with minimal effort. But choosing smart carbs means more than simply abandoning sugar; it includes eating delicious carb-rich foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants—providing maximum impact for your health.

Enjoy Your Options

Smart carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet and they also provide many important nutrients. Here are a few easy ways to keep smart carbs in your diet.

  • Fruits and vegetables—full of fiber while
    helping you feel fuller with fewer calories
  • Whole grains—retain more fiber and nutrients than refined grains
  • Most beans and legumes—low fat, cholesterol free, and high in nutrients
  • Low-fat dairy products—offer calcium and
    protein, but watch for added sugars

Smart carb alternatives you can try tonight:

  • Grilled eggplant instead of breaded chicken
  • Peas with parmesan and olive oil instead of mac and cheese
  • Caprese salad instead of pizza


Breaking His Bad Habits Before They Break You Up

Leaving the toilet seat up, driving like a madman, passing-scratching-burping… You’ve had it with all of his bad habits, and you’ve got to make them stop. The solution: craft the right plan at the right time.

The Long Journey From Repulsive to Refined

Pick Your...Battles

Some habits are just annoying, but others can have a serious effect on our personal and professional lives. Even after all of your sly comments, he still may not be aware or even care that he talks with his mouth full. Instead of nagging him, try constructing a well-thought-out comment that clearly (and kindly) states how his actions may negatively affect his future and that you want to help him succeed. “I know that promotion is important to you and I want to help you be prepared for the big lunch coming up. You may not have noticed, but…”

Let's Make a Deal

Offer to drop one of your bad habits if he’ll drop one of his. This could be fun if you both can laugh at each other as you get used to not cluttering the sink with skin creams and he starts searching for a trashcan for his toenails.

The Man in the Mirror

It’s hard to believe, but he really may not realize how his habits affect you. If mentioning it doesn’t work, one subtle way to get your point across is to quietly mimic his actions. Avoid picking up laundry for a week and eventually he’ll ask why his closet is void of clean clothes. If he leaves dirty dishes in the sink, do the same for a few days. When it begins to smell, he may start paying attention. Once he notices, that’s your chance to help him understand how his actions affect you.


Sorry, this contest is no longer available.
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Sorry, this contest is no longer available.
Check back soon for our latest contest.