More Lift Per Syringe

RADIESSE® has been used to treat patients in over 57 countries worldwide. Radiesse was FDA approved for subdermal implantation for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds in 2006, and since that time over 6 million syringes have been sold worldwide. Radiesse works to add volume and may instantly hide the signs of wrinkles and creases for a more refreshed look. Individual results may vary.

Versatility of Sizes to Treat a Wide Range of Patients

In the U.S., RADIESSE is available in two convenient size options:

0.8cc RADIESSE® Syringe

RADIESSE® Moderate Fill 0.8cc Syringe – for correction of moderate wrinkles and folds

1.5cc RADIESSE® Syringe

RADIESSE® Volume Advantage 1.5cc Syringe – for correction of severe wrinkles and folds

Less is More

In two separate clinical studies comparing RADIESSE to other leading injectable dermal fillers, overall, patients required less RADIESSE to achieve full correction.2,4

  • 33% less RADIESSE was required for full correction, versus JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel 2
  • 30% less RADIESSE was required for full correction when compared to Perlane® Injectable Gel2
  • 30% less RADIESSE was required for full correction when compared to Restylane® Injectable Gel4

Less RADIESSE may be required for full correction giving your practice and your patients more value with each syringe.

Total Mean Treatment Volume (cc)2