The RADIESSE® Difference

When it comes to satisfaction, RADIESSE® results speak for themselves.

In clinical studies comparing RADIESSE with hyaluronic acid injectable fillers, RADIESSE proved to be highly effective at treating wrinkles, was preferred more often by patients, and delivered higher patient satisfaction.1-3

In this clinical study, 60 patients were treated with RADIESSE on the nasolabial fold on one side of the face and a hyaluronic acid on the other.3

RADIESSE® vs Restylane®

Percent of Subjects Preferring the RADIESSE® Result3

RADIESSE® vs. Restylane® Chart

In a clinical study, 205 patients were selected through randomization to receive RADIESSE or a hyaluronic acid for nasolabial folds treatment at baseline and at month 4.1

Patients returned at months 8 and 12 for additional injection evaluation and demonstrated long-lasting results and significantly higher patient satisfaction than market competitor Perlane (Restylane Lyft) and Juvederm Ultra.1


Percent of Subjects Satisfied and Extremely Satisfied1



RADIESSE® vs Perlane®

Percent of Subjects Satisfied and Extremely Satisfied1

RADIESSE® vs. Perlane® Chart

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