Higher Patient Satisfaction vs Other Fillers

Don’t let the needle scare you—with RADIESSE, an anesthetic can be added to the product for enhanced comfort, and RADIESSE (+) includes an anesthetic.

In an FDA-approved clinical study, RADIESSE was proven to significantly reduce treatment-related pain when combined with the anesthetic, lidocaine.1,2 Prior to your wrinkle reduction injection, your healthcare provider can mix RADIESSE with lidocaine (or they can use RADIESSE (+), a pre-mixed kit), so you can easily get treated and then enjoy both the immediate and long-lasting results.1-3

What this means for you, is a more comfortable FDA-approved wrinkle treatment. In fact, 90% of patients reported significant pain reduction when using RADIESSE mixed with lidocaine.2

RADIESSE is also available as RADIESSE (+) and contains pre-mixed powered lidocaine for an increased treatment comfort.

Pain of Injection

Mean Visual Analog Scale (VAS) Values Immediately After Injection2

RADIESSE® Enhanced Patient Comfort Chart

A prospective, randomized split-face single-blinded study of 50 patients compared RADIESSE vs RADIESSE mixed with 2% lidocaine to evaluate the effectiveness of RADIESSE mixed with 2% Lidocaine for pain reduction.1,2

Simply put: As depicted in the chart above, RADIESSE, when mixed with lidocaine, reduces the pain associated with injection.3

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