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Check out Kelly’s makeover results
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Golden Ticket Model
Kelly’s Lower Face Makeover Results
*Individual results may vary. Unretouched photos of actual patient.

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Insights From The Expert

Roberta Sengelmann, MD, FAAD, FACMS
Santa Barbara Skin Institute

“With RADIESSE, I was able to restore the lost volume in Kelly’s lower face, giving her an instant lift while Belotero Balance was used to smooth the etched-in lines above her lips and around her mouth for a more finished and refreshed look.”

What were Kelly’s aesthetic needs when she first came in for treatment?
Kelly has excellent facial shape, including a strong chin and jawline. However, with time, sun exposure, and her recent weight loss, she has developed a lot of loose skin in her lower face as well as those pesky vertical lines etched in above her lips.

What do you think about Kelly’s results?
What I love about Kelly’s results is that she still looks like herself! Her etched-in lines are softened, and even her deep grooves and folds are much improved. She looks so refreshed and natural it’s almost like her after photo was retouched, but it wasn’t. That’s really her!

How did your choice of fillers impact Kelly’s results?
In order to restore Kelly’s lost volume, I chose RADIESSE® (calcium hydroxylapatite) to lift her wrinkles and folds as well as stimulate collagen growth. It’s a resilient product that pushes back on the forces of gravity to resupport Kelly’s lower face. And unlike facelifts that pull and sometimes distort an aging face, RADIESSE injections did an amazing job restoring Kelly’s volume without distorting.

As the finishing touch to complete Kelly’s lower face makeover, I used BELOTERO BALANCE® – a hyaluronic acid that is an ideal choice to treat the etched-in vertical lines around Kelly’s mouth. It’s important to choose a delicate filler in this area, and BELOTERO BALANCE is ideal because it integrates into the skin and looks so natural, allowing me to restore Kelly’s own natural beauty without altering her facial expressions or smile.

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